Departing from South Africa on 15 July, the group flies on Lufthansa via Frankfurt to Moscow, epicenter of the new Russia. Moscow is a city of excitement and opportunity. We’ll have three days in this city that rewards those who take the time and trouble to get to know it. Visits to the Kremlin, the Armoury, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Red Square, GUM, St Basils and St Sergius Trinity Monastery and the cathedrals of Sergiev Posad are included.

Russia’s greatest cities have stood on the banks of the Volga River and its network of manmade canals for centuries. A sprawling waterway that crosses Eurasia from north to south, the Volga River Network connects the Baltic and Black Seas, spans western Russia, and serves as the main avenues for our exciting river cruise.

These rivers are wide enough to allow small cruise ships to travel from Moscow to St Petersburg, docking at some of Russia’s most incredible destinations along the way. We’ll visit, Uglich, established in 1148 and a favourite city of Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century, see Yaroslavl, the ancient Russian capital destroyed by the Mongols, Kirillov with its remarkable collection of icons, Kizhi Island, home of the famed open-air Museum of Russian architecture and the amazing wooden Transfiguration Cathedral. The Volga itself provides a stunning backdrop to these sites, a lush green-and-blue oasis of natural beauty and life.

Our cruise terminates in St Petersburg where we’ll spend three days exploring this spellbinding imperial capital.

Our 15-day itinerary includes multiple days in Moscow and St Petersburg, touring such landmarks as Moscow’s Kremlin and Red Square as well as CatherineÕs Palace in Pushkin and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. But, there is another side of Russia-quaint riverside towns like Yaroslavl, Uglich and Kirrilov that only a river cruise can provide. WeÕll see opulent palaces, discover fortified monasteries and visit beautiful cathedrals. It is an unforgettable way to experience the history and culture of this unique and mysterious country.

Liz Cotton will be accompanying the group from South Africa and professional local guides will be escorting the group throughout.

Anyone who has ever visited Russia can tell you it is the adventure of a lifetime, and there is no better way to experience the mystery and romance of this ancient land than on its waterways.