Uganda: Wildlife & Birding

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Western Uganda receives far few tourists than the Kruger National or Serenget National Parks, but it surpasses all other safari destinations for sheer biodiversity. Here, where the East African savanna meets the West African rainforest, a handful of superb national parks promises visitors close-up encounters with some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife. In the south… Read more »


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It’s hard to imagine how the German colonisers of Namibia coped with the unlimited elbow room, vast deserts and an annual quota of 300 days of sunshine, but that’s exactly what draws travellers nowadays. Wedged between the Kalahari and the chilly South Atlantic Ocean, it’s a land of deserts, seascapes, wildlife reserves, ancient rock art,… Read more »

Enchanting South India

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Everyone wants a piece of India. From Aryan, Afghani and Persian invasions of the British era, people from distant lands have sought to possess India’s treasures for themselves. But a funny thing always happens: India takes these foreigners and makes them Indians. Defying the doctrine of “us” and “them”, India weaves races, cultures and philosophies into a tapestry that grows richer and more intricate every day. In January/February 2011, Somerset Tours & Travel gives you the opportunity of experiencing yet another side of India, and that is the gentle, laid back side of it, packaged as South India: Tamil Nadu and the backwaters of Kerala.