Highlights of SouthEast Asia

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Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos are countries most people have heard of, but until recently few have had the opportunity of travelling to. All countries have seen turbulent times in the latter half of the 20th century, but now, once again, peace reigns and they take their places as Southeast Asia’s most fascinating and rewarding destinations…. Read more »

The Captivating Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia)

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Fate placed Georgia and Armenia at the point where the European and Middle Eastern continental plates collide, with a resulting mix in fortunes. Geography has brought the natural beauty of the Caucasus – majestic mountain ranges, snowy peaks, alpine lakes and forests. History, however, has seen the region suffer at the hands of conquering armies passing through – Roman, Persian, Arab, Ottoman Turk and Russian. These factors define the peoples of the Caucasus. They are nations of artists, merchants, poets and stonemasons, fiercely proud of their languages, cultures and homelands. Azerbaijan is more exotic by the standards of its more European neighbours. This ancient land of Zoroastrianism displays a history and scenery that are equally dramatic – from Albanian churches and Baku’s old walled city to the extraordinary beauty of the High Caucasus Mountains. Somerset Tours & Travel now invite you to join them on a tour to this very unique part of the world.