The Baltic States: Northern Europe’s Hidden Secrets

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We don’t hear a lot about travel to the three countries that make up the Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania but that may be about to change. Located on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, these former Russian provinces and republics of the former USSR, found their independence a mere 22 years ago. Despite their shared past and geographic grouping, the Baltic States each have a very different character, language and currency. They are sparsely populated countries featuring well-preserved cities, a young population and the main cities offer great cultural opportunities with all the modern amenities. Although they are situated close to Scandinavia and share a similar landscape to Sweden and Finland, they boast a lifestyle that is more reminiscent of Italy or Spain. discovery through this fascinating country.Rich in culture and history, these venerable countries are waiting to be discovered. We now invite you to join us on a fully escorted 18-day tour to explore northern Europe’s hidden secrets.