I certainly feel as though I have returned from an Indiana Jones adventure. I have to admit that there are not that many places left on this earth these days that are filled with so much history and so many monuments to record a place and space in Time that have so few tourists gawking and trampling over the ancient ruins. It was such a pleasure to be in such remote and beautiful locations, never far from the banks of the mighty and eternal River Nile.
My enduring memories of Sudan will be tales of pharaohs, kings and queens of long ago, the never-ending desert (and fewer oases) scenes, rare and ancient wells, ruined palaces, sharp-sided pyramids, temples, tombs, necropoli, frescoes and heiroglypics, forgotten (lost?) tribes of Africa; communities living in family groups in small huts made of inter-twined branches, refreshing baobab and hibiscus juice sundowners and snacks appearing out of nowhere at just the perfect time, camel rides at sunset, freshly prepared and creative picnic lunches served in the most unique of places, the warmth, generosity and friendliness of the locals, climbing Jebel Barkal in the dark to greet the sunrise, stone forests, cruises down the Nile, vistas of camel caravans complete with nomads, donkeys and goats, and travelling with an interesting and informative Italian archaeologist. Certainly, travels to be savoured for many years to come. Sudan is Egypt on steroids!