Mazury Lakes

“Poland, why Poland?”, was most people’s response when hearing a tour to Poland was on the cards.
Well, because Poland is a truly amazing destination, which really exceeded our expectations in so many ways!
We found it to be an intriguing country, considering its complicated existence. It was too often invaded, divided and conquered. The frontiers were unstable and peace was rare. Poland saw tyrannies, insurgencies and the 20th century at its worst; dictatorship, extermination camps, complete destruction of it’s main cities, an unparalleled shift of the borders and a failed attempt at socialism, and yet, Poland today is flourishing. One certainly has to admire the indomitable national spirit of the Polish people!
We were a small group (8 guests) travelling in a Mercedes Sprint with an English-speaking driver. By prior arrangement, we would pick up a local English-speaking guide at every town, UNESCO World Heritage Site, national park, museum or monument. We stayed in excellent hotels.
There was just so much to love about Poland. Each of its cities and towns each had a distinct feel and social culture. I am always in awe of the Gothic, Romanesque, Neo-Classical, Baroque and Teutonic style cathedrals, churches, towers, castles, palaces, merchant homes, barbicans, town halls, market squares, city walls and imposing gates and this was so magnificently reflected in Warsaw, Gdansk, Torun, Lodz, Wroclaw and Krakow.
And then there were the excellent and informative museums, the to-die-for delicious food, always so beautifully and uniquely prepared, the eternal and glorious classical music and the incredible legacies left by Nicholas Copernicus (scientist/astronomer), Marie Curie (physicist), Chopin (composer and pianist extraordinaire) and Arthur Rubenstein (one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century) to mention but a few. Poland really turned out some top contributors and achievers!
 The natural beauty of the splendid parks, lakes, rivers and forests was amazing and extraordinary and I was so pleased to have been able to visit the gorgeous areas of Bialowieza on the Belorussian border, the incredible Mazury Lake district further north and Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow.
 Our tours are all about experiencing a country and it’s history, culture, food and people. Naturally, some history, is not always what one wants to hear about, but nevertheless, we should be reminded, in order to remember and carry the flame for those who needlessly, bravely and courageously suffered and/or lost their lives in the hopes that events such as these are not repeated.