Jewels of the adriatic

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Fully Escorted 18-day Tour (including Slovenia, Croatia, Montengro & Venice)
06 – 23 May 2015

The itinerary then proceeds via the historic town of Pula, best known for its magnificent monuments from the Roman era, and nearby island, Brijuni, proclaimed a national park in 1983 to Rovinj, originally a port built by the Romans. Rovinj was ruled by the Byzantines and Franks from 1283 to 1797 and then passed into Venetian hands. Dominating the town from its hilltop location is the 18th century cathedral, dedicated to the third century martyr St Euphemia. From Rovinj we’ll continue on to Opatija for overnight.

Philippines: Island Style

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Fully escorted 18 day tour: 14 February – 03 March 2014

Graced by dazzling beaches, year-round sun and numerous opportunities for diving, island-hopping and surfing, the Philippines has long attracted a steady stream of foreign visitors. Yet there’s far more to these islands than sand and snorkeling. Beyond the coastline are mystical tribal villages, ancient rice terraces, jungle-smothered peaks and crumbling Spanish churches. Look closer and you’ll see the influence of the island’s rich stew of cultures – Islamic, Malay, Spanish and American – in an exuberant array of festivals, tantalizing food and elegant colonial towns that has more in common with Latin America than the rest of Asia. It is to these emerald islands that we invite you to join us on our tour that we have planned for February/March 2014.

The Captivating Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia)

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Fate placed Georgia and Armenia at the point where the European and Middle Eastern continental plates collide, with a resulting mix in fortunes. Geography has brought the natural beauty of the Caucasus – majestic mountain ranges, snowy peaks, alpine lakes and forests. History, however, has seen the region suffer at the hands of conquering armies passing through – Roman, Persian, Arab, Ottoman Turk and Russian. These factors define the peoples of the Caucasus. They are nations of artists, merchants, poets and stonemasons, fiercely proud of their languages, cultures and homelands. Azerbaijan is more exotic by the standards of its more European neighbours. This ancient land of Zoroastrianism displays a history and scenery that are equally dramatic – from Albanian churches and Baku’s old walled city to the extraordinary beauty of the High Caucasus Mountains. Somerset Tours & Travel now invite you to join them on a tour to this very unique part of the world.

The Baltic States: Northern Europe’s Hidden Secrets

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We don’t hear a lot about travel to the three countries that make up the Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania but that may be about to change. Located on the east coast of the Baltic Sea, these former Russian provinces and republics of the former USSR, found their independence a mere 22 years ago. Despite their shared past and geographic grouping, the Baltic States each have a very different character, language and currency. They are sparsely populated countries featuring well-preserved cities, a young population and the main cities offer great cultural opportunities with all the modern amenities. Although they are situated close to Scandinavia and share a similar landscape to Sweden and Finland, they boast a lifestyle that is more reminiscent of Italy or Spain. discovery through this fascinating country.Rich in culture and history, these venerable countries are waiting to be discovered. We now invite you to join us on a fully escorted 18-day tour to explore northern Europe’s hidden secrets.

Bhutan: Land of the Thunder Dragon

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Punakha, at 1350m, was nothing more than a dzong as recently as 35 years ago. Then a central school was constructed and the village expanded in the mid-1980’s. The small size of the place is surprising considering the primordial role that Punakha has played in the history of Bhutan and the fact that it was the country’s winter capital for 300 years.

Discover Japan 2013

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Few people in the modern world are not affected in some way by the ideas, culture and economy of Japan, yet this country remains for many an enigma, an unsolved riddle. Closed to the West until 1853 and separated from continental Asia by both oceans and ideologies, this island nation stands uniquely apart from the rest of the world. From the samurai ethos to industrial efficiency, demure geisha to collective responsibility, Japan’s mystique has fascinated the world for centuries. It is to this enchanting culture, that Somerset Tours & Travel invite you to join them on a fully escorted tour in November/December 2013

Unspoilt Realm of Romania

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Travel in Romania is as rewarding as it is challenging. The country’s fantastic mountain scenery and great diversity of wildlife, its cultures and people, and a way of life that at times seems little changed since the Middle Ages, leave few who visit unaffected. Romania has a rich history of Russians, Ukrainians, Serbs, Slovaks, Bulgars, Saxons, Gypsies, Turks and Tartars and offers an extraordinary kaleidoscope of cultures and sights, including majestic castles, medieval towns, beautiful rural areas, breathtaking scenery and amazing wildlife

The Very Best Of Myanmar

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Fully Escorted 16 Day Tour

Authentic, friendly and diverse is how most travelers to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, describe one of the least known countries in Asia. The fact that the country has been inaccessible for so long has meant that Myanmar has been relatively untainted by the excesses of modern life and retains an aura of a bygone age. Sleepy and backward as Myanmar may seem, it possesses the most impressive spiritual heritage and archaeological sites in the world. It is to this most fascinating country in South East Asia that Somerset Tours & Travel extend their invitation to you to join them on a fully escorted tour in February 2013.